¿Do you suffer from food intolerances?

Find out which foods don’t agree with you

with our 7-week programme

Say goodbye to poor gut health

Food intolerances and sensitivities are very prevalent. There are many tests on offer, but so far medical evidence shows that the single most effective way to identify them is to do an elimination diet. At ALVUM we help you through the process so you can get to know yourself better and take the right steps based on your individual needs.

Investigate the root cause of your intestinal problems

Food intolerances and sensitivities are behind many gut health issues. ALVUM Intolerances helps you identify the foods that don’t agree with you, so you can take action as you learn more about your body’s reactions.  The 7-week programme (available in Spanish) includes everything you need, from a pH test to shopping lists and recipes, to keep you on track.

Created by healthcare professionals

At ALVUM, we believe that technology and the latest research can deliver great results, but we never lose sight of the most important thing: individuals and their quality of life. In our team, we have doctors, nurses and dieticians with extensive patient experience that help us deliver realistic solutions to gut health issues.

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