Do you have gut health issues?

¿Do you suffer from IBS or food intolerances?

At ALVUM we offer personalised gut health solutions

to enhance your quality of life

Say goodbye to poor gut health

Did you know that chronic health problems such as IBS or food intolerances are linked to gut microbiota imbalances? Your microbiota is as unique as your fingerprints and requires a personalised approach. At ALVUM we want to get to know you, so that we can figure out the right solution for your individual needs.

Investigate the root cause of your intestinal problems

Your diet, lifestyle and emotional state all influence your bowel movements. Monitor your body with ALVUM Bristol Tracking, a mobile app that uses the Bristol chart. Very soon, ALVUM Intolerances will help you identify the foods that don’t agree with you and ALVUM Microbiota will provide you with personalised advie to restore your gut health.

ALVUM solutions

ALVUM Bristol Tracking

Monitor your habits and bowel movements with our app and share the data with your doctor

ALVUM Intolerances

Discover once and for all what foods you should avoid (Spanish market only)

ALVUM Microbiota

Coming soon: Get personalized advice based on your unique intestinal bacteria.

Created by healthcare professionals

At ALVUM, we believe that technology and the latest research can deliver great results, but we never lose sight of the most important thing: individuals and their quality of life. In our team, we have doctors, nurses and dieticians with extensive patient experience that help us deliver realistic solutions to gut health issues.

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